Friday, 24 April 2015

Geneva and Lachute, 1947


Doug Matthews and his car - for years he had bee hives and excellent honey (LC Gagnon caption).

*  *  *

The front of Ross and Alice MacAdam's house at 631 Main Street.

Labour Day weekend, 1947.
Jean, Ross MacAdam, LC Gagnon
Eleanor MacAdam
Peter Riddell (neighbour and brother of choir leader Wayne Riddell) - LCG.

*  *  *

Outing through Kilgour Wilson's farm to climb 'the mountain' north of Lachute.

Ross MacAdam and Gerald.

Looking to the west with the North River in the foreground.

Looking toward Lachute - North River.

Beryl MacCulloch and Gerald MacAdam

LCG caption:
Group at Lachute Road
Jean MacAdam, Bea Rodger, LCGagnon, Alice MacAdam, Beryl MacCulloch, Gerald MacAdam
Eleanor MacAdam, Rosemary Gagnon
Douglas Rodger, Ross MacAdam, Stanley Rodger, George Gagnon.