Saturday, 30 July 2022

Lachute, Main Street - The Modification of 1965

In the 1970s, a Lachute driving teacher once said: 
'You will know how to drive when you can drive on Main Street on a Friday night.'

The postcard and articles come my father's files. It is not possible to offer a complete history of the configuration of Main Street through the years. However, a number of articles show the process through which a major change was made in 1965.

The undated, unused postcard below probably shows the previous arrangement of Main Street parking. It is repeated in a larger, lighter format in case readers are looking for particular details. 

*  *  *

In the summer of 1964, an experiment was tried ...

*  *  *

In May of 1965, the Lachute Watchman documents that the change was made ...

*  *  *

A view of Main Street from Google Earth, circa June 2022.

from: Google Earth, image from June 2022.