Friday, 20 March 2015

Heather Hill

A recent contact with another 'Geneva relative' has prompted this little series on
Stanley Rodger, Laura Bradley, and their daughter Heather Rodger.

The photographs span the period from approximately 1923 until 1949.

The photos come from the area mapped below, including Ile aux Chats.

Detail from 1924 Argenteuil County map from Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

St Andrew's East Consolidated School

My father identified the people in the following photo with Laura's help.
The photo below shows Grades 8 to 10.

The black water tank was located at the west end of the CNR St. Andrew's East station.

Stanley Rodger and WJ Rodger's Nash, c1927.
WJ's first car was a Reo.

Babies at Lachute Road, Summer of 1938.

Departing Lachute station for trip to Vancouver by train, 1947.
GB Gagnon, 'Aunt' Alice Gall, Laura Rodger
Rosemary Gagnon, Heather Rodger

Threshing at Stanley's farm.
Douglas is standing on the load, Stanley is beside the tractor.

*  *  *

After her mother's death, Rosemary Gagnon lived with Laura, SW and Heather Rodger for a while.

My father's caption follows verbatim. The firefighter hats read 'Texaco'.

"Parade on Lachute Road! 
The Leishmans lived at the former Watson farm to the left. 
Eddy Leishman, Rosemary, Heather, Kenny Rodger. 
Stanley and Laura's house is at the extreme right in the picture. 
The McElroys bought the Leishman farm."

*  *  *

In addition to the parade, Lachute station and threshing photos, I believe my father took the following photos. 

The Christmas photos were part of a series he did of Geneva and Lachute families during December 1947 using:

"Brownie box camera time exposure, with two photoflood lamps with cardboard/aluminum foil homemade reflectors."

Mrs Bradley, Laura, Heather, Rosemary, Stanley.

Heather, Rosemary, Stanley Rodger.

Heather, Stanley and Laura.

Tobogganing on Douglas' farm - Rosemary, Heather, Kenny.

Laura, Heather; (back) Rosemary, Douglas, Kenny, Stanley, LC Gagnon, Bobby, Bea.
December 1947

Stanley and Laura's home, 1948

Heather at Lachute Road

Heather at Laura's family home - Ile aux Chats.

Laura and her mother, Mrs Bradley

Rosemary, Laura, Heather with Stanley's 1947 Studebaker, c1949

Stanley Rodger disking

Rosemary Gagnon and Heather Rodger

*  *  *

LC Gagnon, photographer, August 1948.
Shown with his homemade enlarger at his family apartment, Sherbrooke St, Westmount.
The enlarger included an old bellows camera from 'Aunt' Alice Gall.